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If u have had any issues with this company please file a complaint with the Oklahoma attorney generals office.

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We were told budget numbers were final hard numbers but discovered they were just estimates & several differed greatly from the contractor bids that discovered I was responsible for getting myself. For examples, electric, carpentry, HVAC, floor & tile installation & porta potty all came in at higher costs. UBuildIt assured us that all contractors were screened & vetted. Out of 13 main contractors we had bad experiences with 7 including bad &... Read more

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Well it's been 3 years now and still no home has been built or even started to be built. Our lawyer who has been fighting with these people over our major losses trying to settle out of court, see's no way but to now settle this matter in court. We bet UBuiltIt will be paying for our new home and someone else will be building it, with our settlement from them. If you even think about using this company you better think twice! Read more

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Signed a contract to build new construction home in Feb 14 contracted stated 270 days to complete the home at 270 days the home was only 40% finally contactor abandoned the property 60% complete at 480 day mark. even though he had been paid 82% of the construction amount and 50,000 more than his own co-construct system said it would take to finish the entire house . Then he has the odasity to lien the house for work he did not do and for... Read more

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We gave UBuildIt a try and found that these reviews were inaccurate in regards to our personal experience. UBuildIt offers you complete control, but that also means control over your budget, project, and overall decisions. They were there to advise, not to babysit... Which at times seemed quite scary. However, they provided us with accurate information and guidance. We just had to follow it step by step. As long as you listen to your consultant... Read more

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Owner does not pay employees on time if at all. While he enjoys $500 steak dinners and lavish vacations, his employees have to wait weeks and weeks to get basic payroll. Obviously too busy and fat on profits to care. Forget about getting your last check when you finally wise up and quit. The office morale is terrible. Sales expectations far exceed reality. 0 money is spent on advertising hence 1 lead per week = 4 leads per month while we... Read more

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They spend more time flirting in the office and not doing what they need to. They refuse to tell you the actual problems that happen rather then telling you the truth due to not wanting confrontations. I went and was talking to some of the people that was working on my home and they informed me of problems that I was never aware of. I should have never signed the contract that they suckered me Into but my husband thought it was better to have... Read more

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Like stated before, I am still in the healing process. I continue to see new cracks and problems with their workmanship. Please understand they are all liars. I pray they go out of business. They can not keep consultants and they have never had any contractors. Your project will always go over budget, because their is no budget. You must have a truck, because at some point, you will have to pick up large pieces of floor board wood and... Read more

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Only want your money! We had a small budget for 1200 sq ft house with garage - all cash. We had spoken with 3 people at the Houston office who all assured us it "would be tight, but doable". Sam (sales), Michael (manager / owner) and Adam (site). After we made deposit, spec mtg. "No way you can do this for that amount". Specs came back - no A/C, no water heater, no appliance allowance.... etc. I emailed them 2 weeks ago, no answer. I want my... Read more

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  • May 31, 2015
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Scammed my 74 year old mother out of thousands.

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