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Met with Drew, gave him our floor plan we wanted to build and our budget along with the finishes we wanted. We just wanted a quote to see if we could build this house on our budget.

After him dragging it out and convincing us we needed to pay 1300 for blueprints and us paying him 3500 deposit (but never signed a contract with him), his quote came back almost 100K over the budget we gave him. He wants to keep our 3500 deposit for his time of getting bids from his contractors even though we never signed a contract with him. It's a scam. Had to get an attorney involvled to get our money back.

STAY AWAY FROM UBUILDIT-LOUISVILLE IT'S A JOKE. Have gotten other bids from builders and contractors and never paid them anything for a bid.

Once we told him we didn't want to pursue it and we wanted our money back he never returned my calls or emails until I was able to reach another employee of his. If he willing pays us our 3500 back I will update this complaint to let you know he did the right thing, if he doesn't I'll let you know when we get our judgement.

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“The process UBuildIt utilizes coupled with their in-depth knowledge of local subcontractors was excellent. They make it possible for anyone who wishes to build their own home to do so. The finished product speaks volumes about the service they offer.”


We recently used UBI/Edmond, OK. We had a great experience as they guided us through the planning and construction phases.

We had talked to other builders, and were able to save about $45 per square foot by building ourselves. Our finished house appraised for $401,000 and we had $289,000 in actual costs.


After researching the Edmond, OK UBUILDIT for about a year, I finally met with Mark and Mike where I live in Lawton. I'm planning on adding about 1200 sq ft.

to my house and remodeling. They so far have been great! In about 30 days I should have my plans drawn and first stick moved! I expect great things, and will let you know if I don't get great things!

I had issues with local banks getting a construction loan.

I contacted a couple of banks that Mark refered me to, and wham, no issues because UBUILDIT was such a great why to get instant equity!

I'm a retired Soldier and I don't have time for ***! So I will get even if I get screwed!


Our Clients Say it Best!

**“Awesome! And so was the service. As we have already, we will continue to highly recommend you. The most rewarding factor of using UBuildIt: Knowing we had control and it’s our design.” -Preston and Debbie Marion

They had approximately $15,000 of equity in their home. The cost to build was $270,000 and the lot was $44,000. It appraised at approximately $330,000.

**“I would recommend UBuildIt to anyone who wants to build a home and be part of the process. You won’t get it anywhere else.” -David and Jill Chester:


I am currently building a home with Drew/ UbuildIt. The procress has been great!

Everything was explained to us the very first day & we were also given the contract to take home and read before signing and providind the deposit. If the MFEDUP us upset about how things transpired then he or she should be upset with themselves as the process is clearly spelled out & if you did not do your due deligence prior to entering into the home building process then shame on you.


This comment is a complete mistruth. The customers multiple (10+) floor plans unfortunately did not fit their desired budget.

UBuildit exhausted all viable resources to find a plan that accommodated the owners budget. The owners decision not to move forward with construction was driven by the inability to sell their existing house in todays harsh economic climate. All fees were cleary explained to the customer in advance and understood.

Furthermore, the customer actually split their payments to UBuildIt into 3 progress payments as benchmarks for the planning phase were met and completed during a 6 month process in which UBuildIt worked with the customer. UBuildIT Louisville has an great reputation and I encourage anyone to contact the office for to acquire a long list of references confirming this.

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