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Ubuilt (Robert Raditz - in Greenville, SC) quote was lower (on paper) then conventional home builders becuase Ubuildit left items off the quote to keep their bid lower. Items that were not on the quote but clearly on the house plans.

We had a deck on our home - after construcion began I asked Ubuilt what material did he quote for decking - treated, trex, etc. Just to find out the deck was never quoted - $5,000 dollars worth - I ate that. I was given a brick allowance (set by me and Ubuildit - base on 33,000 bricks) Ubuildit use $400/M and I actually bought a $290/M brick- nearly 30% less per M. I should have seen a cost savings - right?- he agreed - but when I showed Ubuildit the actuallly costs of the brick I ended up paying over $4000 more for Brick - reason being - he did not used the $400/M allowance we agree on.

His response - "Oh well" the numbers don't lie. Well I had to eat the cost. I asked what type of shelving system I could expect in my closet during construction - you guess it - he let it off the quote. If your looking for your Ubuildit to manage you construction - forget it.

My home was spec'd for 10 ft ceilings - they had to tear off the part of the second story because the entire 1st level was framed at 9 ft - Robert Raditz at Ubuildit - never caught it- a framer on sight told him.

The list goes on and on. The few times Robert Raditz did come out to the house - he would rarely take his hands out of his pockets - thsi getting anything in writting was impossilbe.

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Robert raditz is a con man. Absurd amount of money for virtually nothing.

No site presence, hard to reach, and a ridiculous estimate. Hire a full service builder and save yourself a lot of grief.

to Kdog #1477721

If you read their contract, ubuildit commits to virtually nothing. .

Not responsible for accuracy of estimate, not responsible for workmanship, no specifics on how often they will be on-site, nothing on how often they will be available to consult . .

And they are getting anywhere from $500 to $1000 a week (!). They are little more than a subcontractor referral service.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #792232

I had the same bait and switch leaving major items out of the bid to make it seem low. They also pretty much abandon you after receiving final payment which is at about 80% complete.

Take my advice and do not do business with this company. You have been warned!


This was exactly my experience in Oklahoma, the first estimate was $48,000 over what the final cost list ended up being due to the appraisal coming in a lot lower than they assured me it would. I was not aware they arbitrarily cut things out of my budget (never discussed with me) until my consultant kept making rude comments about how he's having to add costs that supposedly I had said I would do the labor on.

Like major cleanup - I'm doing this alone as a single female who barely weighs 100 pounds. Yep, I said I would clean up all that lumber, brick, etc. I got a lot of that, where they would insist I said something that I would never have agreed to in a million years because it was impossible. So yes, I am out several thousand dollars now and was just informed I would have to come up with almost $30,000 to be able to close - because the new appraisal is so much less than they counted on.

Who gets screwed on that deal...ME. Not to mention they hired the cheapest labor possible (I am a "plus" customer, higher fees and they are supposed to handle the day to day scheduling, etc., which is also a joke) so the quality of the house is awful. Drywall is already cracking along the baseboards after only a couple of months. Lots of personnel changes and I don't think these guys know much about construction because of all the basic things they missed.

I have no construction experience so I relied on them to notice things I wouldn't. They didn't, I had to pay for several mistakes & re-inspections due to their incompetence to make sure things are done right. And they don't care about how anything affects the homeowner. I guess if you have at least $100,000 in reserve to pay for all the screw-ups and deliberate lies, use them.

But I would sue them if I could, unfortunately their contract is written cleverly to absolve them of any responsibility and they get paid no matter what. Now I understand why they write it that way - they know something bad will happen and they would be sued & not paid on a regular basis.

I'm still talking to a lawyer just to see if anything can be done. Would love to take him down and see this franchise crash and burn.

to TDog Apache Junction, Arizona, United States #633235

I too have been a recent victim of their Bait & Switch scheme. have you filed a complaint with the Attorney General?

to TDog Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #708941

Sounds similar to my situation with them in Oklahoma.

to TDog Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #812166

I was wondering what city in Oklahoma and contractor did you use? I live in Mustang ok,

Thanks Justin

to TDog #1162563

Old post but which behalf did you use? Mt wife and I met with the Tulsa franchise and were happy with the initial meeting, After reading all the reviews I am leaning toward doing it myself without them at all....

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