The main role players of UBI have one thing in common. All went Bankrupt building houses.(OKC BRANCH) These guys designed a system that works great for them.

The have 0 risk or obligation in the construction process and still come out making the same amount of money as if they GC the job, I have worked on the inside so I know some major secrets. Secret 1- Have subcontractors kick you back money. this is why most customers are over budget. The company gets money back from subs.

Secret 2 - Have customers sign gag orders. Every UBI customer signs a paper saying they won't talk bad about UBI. And If so UBI may pursue Legal recourse against them, Secret 3 - Get most your money up front before customer goes broke. UBI requires customers to pay UBI fees largely upfront.

Secret 4 - Do as litlle as u can and you can't blamed for anything. This is what they tell their consultants. Consultants job is just smoke and mirrors.

They do nothing. This formula has made these guy rich.

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Ada, Oklahoma, United States #1202333

Please file a complaint with the Oklahoma attorney generals office for deceptive trade practice. They can't do anything to company I'd no one files.


Not true - It is a great process when used correctly

to Anonymous Edmond, Oklahoma, United States #1005115

Our family built a home in Edmond using UBI and the process was explained to us in full by Rick at the office and our consultant Ron Brown was a treat to work with. I would highly recommend UBI oklahoma city. They knew what they were doing.

to Anonymous Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1051860

have you seen all of the reviews on here? they are all negative and very similar!!


So then, who did you go with?

Lake Dallas, Texas, United States #857384

Flat out a lie

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #830109

Good to know...

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